VIDEO: Signs You’re Losing Yourself To Your Relationship

Emily 26/04/2016

Ah those glorious heady days of a new relationship! Don’t you just love it when he finally realises just how amazing you are and wants to start spending all of his time with you?

Everything he does makes you laugh or swoon. And you, Girlfriend! Well look at you just being glorious and sexy and interesting! Who needs the outside world when you can have Sunday-Funday in bed with your new favourite human?!

Fast forward a few months, and suddenly yet another Sunday of lolling around in bed, watching re-runs of Downton Abbey (he just can’t get enough of it! Jeez, enough already!) and eating last night’s cold pizza seems less romantic. In fact, it’s all quite boring now frankly. You my friend, are in danger of losing yourself to your relationship.