VIDEO: 5 Things You Must Avoid Doing on a Date

Emily 8/11/2016

Dating. Let’s get real. It can be a confusing and overwhelming game. Or, as a client of mine once referred to it, a total head-fu@k.

It helps to know how men think and what compels them to want to see us again (assuming we want to see him again of course. If he’s a douche-bag then none of this applies. Finish your drink, get out of there quickly. Ain’t no one got time for that!).

So, I’ve been speaking to the men for you and they’ve confirmed what I’ve always seen as the top 5 dating turn offs that make men not want to see you again. And in this short, funny video, I let you in on what those 5 things are so that you can make sure you avoid them in the future. And as an added bit of love, at the end of the video, I give away 3 magic sentences which are proven to spark attraction and can keep any guy attracted to YOU over all other women in the room.

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Love, Em x

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