Why Some Women Always Get The Man

Emily 14/03/2016

I love a good avocado. And living in Melbourne, that’s a good thing. It is seriously impossible to find a decent café that doesn’t have smashed avocado on some kind of gluten free, nut free, dairy free, seed free, impossibly healthy yet terribly processed bread. It’s the signature brunch dish in this city right now and I love it, frankly. I think part of the reason a good avocado is so satisfying is because it’s got such short window of perfect ripeness, but when you get it right it’s so worth the reward.

So why the hell am I banging on about avocados? Well do you ever find yourself blurting out something and then reflecting that what you said was actually (and probably by fluke) quite profound? Well that happened to me earlier today while I was speaking to a client and she loved the analogy so I thought I’d share it with you.

As a general rule, I’ve noticed that the women I work with tend to fall into a few of camps and the humble avocado can be used to illustrate perfectly.

The Rock Hard Avo:

This woman has her masculine energy turned up to full tilt. She owns boardrooms and is more direct than the Bullet Train. She has a clean, polished armour and it works for her professionally. Potentially burnt from a past relationship, this woman is not to be messed with.

From a male perspective, she’s hard work and honestly, makes his balls shrivel a bit. He admires and respects her (and finds that attractive) but he eventually sees that by forever dating a hard avocado, he’ll never get to be a man.

This woman will never soften but will be angry that there are no ‘real men out there anymore’. But let me be clear, it is the men who are to blame for this, not her!


He texts at 4.30pm on a Saturday to arrange a date that night. (Clearly his original plans have fallen through). “Hi, you around tonight for a drink?”

She responds: “Who do you think you are texting me this late on in the day? Of course I’m not around, I’ve got plans and they’re not with you!”


I am no one’s back up… How dare he! All men are w@nkers!

The Overly Soft Avo. 

Ever been playing ‘find the only ripe avocado in the organic supermarket’ and squeezed an overripe one a bit too hard and your thumb went in it? And then you just put it back and walked away? Ahem. Yeah no, me neither. Jeez who’d do that?! Anyway, quickly moving on. The next woman is such a soft avocado that she often gets squidged. She is all feminine and Mother architype and gives waaaaaay too much. She’ll often fall for a guy way too hard and too quickly and isn’t great with boundaries.

From a male perspective, she’s cute and really into him (2 big ticks) but it’ll get pretty boring pretty quickly.

This woman will have trouble keeping men and honestly, probably doesn’t really know what she wants. But if she gives him what he wants, he’ll love her back right??!! If not him then the next one. Or the next one. Or maybe the next one. Surely the next one….


He texts at 4.30pm on a Saturday to arrange a date that night. “Hi, you around tonight for a drink?”

She responds: “Yes of course. I mean, I did have plans with Caz but I’ll change them, I’d much rather see you.”


OMG OMG OMG he likes me enough to ask me out on a Saturday OMG OMG OMG.

The Spot on *fist pumps* Perfectly Ripe Avo:

This lady knows where it’s at. She is self-assured and has a quiet confidence. She knows her self-worth and has her own interests, friends and career. She knows when to turn up her feminine energy and when it’s appropriate to be a bit more masculine; she has the dance between the two perfected (most of the time!). She gets what she wants without manipulation, without making a scene and without fuss. She doesn’t allow herself to be taken advantage of.

From a male perspective, this woman holds his interest. She has boundaries which he’s expected to abide by but she never emasculates him. In fact, she makes him feel like even more of a man… And he likes that.

This woman is holding out for the right man to complement her already fabulous life and she won’t be on the shelf for long.


He texts at 4.30pm on a Saturday to arrange a date that night. “Hi, you around tonight for a drink?”

She responds: “Hey I already have plans, my weekends book up quite quickly. But I’d love to see you soon, just give me a bit more notice next time.”


I quite liked this guy. But no way am I a back-up date. He needs to raise his game if he wants to see me again. Let’s give him a chance to do just that.

Now of course, there is a scale of avocado ripeness. I’ve given you the 2 extremes and the point you want to be aiming for. Be the ripe avo, babe. The one who knows her worth, who has clear boundaries and who knows how to harness her masculine and feminine energies appropriately.

If you think you (or anyone you know) might need a hand learning about and balancing their masculine and feminine energies, then get in touch today. It’s a game changer when it comes to finding and maintaining love.

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Love, Em x