How to create the opportunity to meet awesome men

Emily 30/11/2016

There are no decent single men out there! And Suzie knew this to be true.

Tinder was full of dickheads posing next to a sedated tiger (seriously?).

All then men in her office were married or had some degree of halitosis.

And the last blind date she went on was with a guy called Frank who asked her to pay the bill because ‘she had a better job’ than him.

Cue huge sigh! 

Suzie was ready to give up on her search for Mr Right and sink back into the comfort of her real loves – chocolate, wine and cycling.

One casual Thursday, Suzie got into the lift in her apartment building after one of those days at work that she’d rather forget, and there, clad in Lycra and leaning his bike against the elevator wall was a hot, fit guy!

Suzie immediately started sweating and as the doors slide shut, she cursed herself for wearing yesterday’s jumper which she’d pulled out of her dirty laundry basket that morning (hey, we’ve all done it!).

As the weeks went by, Suzie bumped into Mr Lycra a few times and worked out that he lived in the apartment just 3 doors down from hers. He seemed a nice enough guy, holding the doors for her once when she was especially late and flustered but other than a curtesy ‘thank you’ she never spoke to him. Instead she would avert her eyes whenever they made eye contact - Let’s be honest, he was probably married or a serial killer anyway.

One evening, Suzie was having dinner with her friends Caz and Daz and she mentioned the hottie who lived on her floor. Excited for their friend, Caz and Daz encouraged Suzie to speak to Mr Lycra the next time she saw him and as the wine flowed, the friend’s enthusiasm increased.

Not content with trusting Suzie to open her mouth and speak actual words, the pair penned a note for Suzie to hand Mr Lycra the next time their paths crossed. The note looked like this.

Hi, I’m the girl you always see in the lift - I live at 302 and am also a keen cyclist. Let me know if you’d like to go for a ride sometime. Suzie (phone number) 

Suzie fake-promised her friends she’d pass on the note, stuck it in the pocket of her jacket and headed home. Low and behold, who did she bump into in the lift? Yep, Mr Lycra. Suzie stood in the elevator with the note burning a hole in her pocket and her heart thumping. She couldn’t really slip him the note could she?


As the elevator doors opened, she scuttled into her apartment and instantly felt the wave of regret flood over her. What if he was her Prince Charming and she’d missed her chance? Wasn’t the universe trying to tell her something by putting him in the lift with her on the very night her friends had armed her with the note?

Taking a deep breath (and a swing of the open wine in her fridge), Suzie marched to her neighbour’s apartment and silently slide the note underneath the door, before bolting back to the safety of her living room where she immediately called Caz (who couldn’t quite believe her friend had acted with what can only be described as the behaviour of a stalker!)

The next morning, Suzie woke up with a sore head and instant regret! Who pushes a note underneath their neighbour’s front door at midnight, just minutes after seeing him the elevator? As she reached for her phone, a message beeped in.

Hi Suzie, thanks for the note. My girlfriend and I go out riding most weekends. You should come, I’ll let you know when we next go out. Brad.

GIRLFRIEND? Of course he had a girlfriend!

Later that afternoon, Suzie met Caz for coffee and to blame her entirely for the whole situation. Suzie had convinced herself that the only course of action was to move out and change her phone number. But then, mid-latte, Brad messaged her again.

Hi. We’re going for a ride with some friends on Sunday. Fancy joining us?

Caz screamed. “Say YES!”

Suzie protested. Where was the point?

He had a girlfriend. And she had enough friends thank you very much. She couldn’t be bothered with meeting new people.

“Say YES!” repeated Caz. “Christ Suz, you can’t bitch and moan that it’s impossible to meet new people and then ignore hot men in elevators when they invite you out to socialise! Just bloody say yes! What’s the worst that can happen?” And with those words, Suzie realised that the opportunities she’d been lamenting after were right in front of her. In fact, with the help of Caz and a couple of bottles of wine, she had created the very opportunity she was now shying away from. And with a surge of bravery she replied to Brad. I’d love to, thanks!

That Sunday, Suzie met Brad, Brad’s girlfriend (who was, predictably gorgeous) and a few of their friends for a bike ride. She hit it off with one friend in particular and when he asked to see her again, Suzie had no hesitation is seizing the opportunity.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and Suzie is sat dressed in white at her dream wedding reception. As she glances over at Caz, she silently thanks her friend for the not-so-subtle reminder in that coffee shop years ago, that opportunity is only opportunity when it is taken.

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Much love,

Em x