5 Style Tips to Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Emily 21/6/2016

I am not a pretty sight when I wake up in the morning. Regardless of how well I removed my make up the night before, there’s always mystery mascara shadowing my eyes and if I’m lucky, a crease down my cheek from the pillow. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like Scar from The Lion King for the first half of their day?

And honestly, the older I get the longer it takes for my face to fall back into place. I usually avoid looking in a mirror until I’m at least 2 cups of coffee in and showered.

But every morning, without fail, I eventually face the mirror, apply make-up, style my hair and select an outfit which works with my body shape and indicates the kind of woman I need to be that day; whether that’s going on a date, working with clients, running workshops or chilling with friends.

Appearance matters. You can post all the feedback you like about how it shouldn’t, but as human beings, we make snap assumptions about someone based only on our initial impression of them. The way we present ourselves to the world is an indication of how we expect the world to treat us and even more importantly, it’s an indication to others of how much we value ourselves.

Sure, there are some who take fashion and make it everything. They take it to Kardashian proportions and they hang their confidence on it! Then there’s a different camp. Look if hairy armpits work for you then rock on! But being lazy with a razor to prove the point that you don’t need to impress anyone, impresses no one.

I work with awesome women, some in my programs and some through workshops, and they all want to feel confident and generally radiant. Especially when they’re dating!

It’s my observation that the women who take pride in their appearance avoid these 5 style no-no’s!


1. Un-styled hair. Look, we’ve all had that week where we’re waiting for our hair appointment to come round and roots are undeniable, but washing and styling your hair should be as common place as showering. Tell me you shower daily!

2. Too much or too little make up. Too much and you look like a transvestite. But no make-up is as bad as hairy armpits. You don’t need to change your features, but enhance what you’ve got so you feel more confident in what you’ve been blessed with.

3. Chipped nails. I understand that it might not be possible to have a weekly manicure, but it takes less than 30 seconds to remove chipped nail varnish and file your nails into shape. Stop being lazy.

4. Not understanding body type and dressing accordingly. Some people shouldn’t wear skinny jeans. And no one should ever wear leggings as trousers. This my friend is not an appropriate outfit for any occasion other than lying on your sofa with the curtains drawn, totally alone.

5. General wellbeing. We all come in different shapes and sizes and I think that’s awesome, but when you eat well, look after your skin and exercise regularly, you’re far more attractive. Why? Because you’re telling the world that you value YOU. And there’s nothing sexier than that.


Like it or not, most men want to go out with a woman who takes pride in her appearance (and all of the women I work with want the same from their man!). So knowing how to make the best of what you’ve got is gonna help you out when it comes to feeling great. And remember, it’s not about you looking good for a man. It’s about you looking good for you!

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Love, Em x