About Me

Emily Chadbourne

A personal relationship mentor

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had your fair share of shitty relationships. Hell, maybe you’re even in one right now! I have made every dating mistake. Ever. I have had some truly terrible relationships, and some amazing ones. I have made a mess of things, regretted more than I care to remember and loved so deeply it hurt.

And frankly, I was over it! So I told myself, NO MORE!

I began to learn about this crazy thing called Love. I turned to the experts to find out how men and women work, what makes a healthy relationship, how to mend from a broken heart and how to find the perfect partner.

Honestly, I got pretty overwhelmed by all the different messages. I felt bombarded by such conflicting opinions and suggestions and recommendations. I wanted RESULTS! I was looking for the new, the refreshing and the stuff I could really trust. I wanted someone to cut through the bullshit and tell it how it was and just get to the point.

So I started developing my own systems, testing out my own theories and combining what the best experts had to say with my own (colourful) experience.

Since then, I have mended my own broken heart, become clear on finding the partner I deserve and hacked the code to a healthy relationship. I began to share what I knew with my friends and before I knew it, they were asking me to help out their friends. The next thing I knew, my days were full and today I get to share this wonderful wealth of knowledge with clients just like you!

Finding love is like making creme brulee. It may take a few tries before you get it right.

Crystal Woods

The reason I’m passionate about helping you find love

The more I learn about love, the more I believe in it; it’s the magic that makes the world a better place. And the other thing I’ve learnt is that it doesn’t discriminate. It’s free for anyone who’s brave enough to embrace it and can last a lifetime for those willing to work at it. But what love doesn’t do, is provide you with a manual. Not even a how-to list. Not even a freaking fridge magnet with a couple of pointers. Rude!

Love is the most powerful force but it so often gets misdirected, misused, mistreated and it can cause all sorts of confusion and heartbreak. But once you learn how love works and how to harness its beauty, it can change your life in the most wonderful ways. I do what I do because I believe that if everyone could experience the joy of real love, the whole world would be a happier place.

A Word from Emily