Five Steps to Finding True Love

1: Let Go of the Past

If you’re still hung up on your ex (do you still sleep in his old, unwashed t-shirt? Eww. Babe that’s gross!) or find yourself making the same relationship mistakes, (seriously, another cheater?!) then get in touch today to learn how to let go and break those patterns or you’ll never clear the path for the relationship you desire in your future.

2: Self Love

This sounds clichéd but men are attracted to happy, confident women. Seriously, it’s far more alluring than long legs, big tits and perfect teeth *high-fives all round*.

If you’re lacking dating confidence, then we need to chat or you’ll never attract your ideal man.

3: Know What You Want

Fed up of dating inappropriate guys? Beginning to feel like there are no decent men out there anyway? Would you rather stay at home on a Saturday night than risk letting your Aunt Joan set you up on yet another, terrible blind date? Or even worse, are you beginning to panic that you’ll be left on the shelf so you’re actually considering letting Bad-Breath-Bob from Accounts take you for a drink on Friday night? Well, Mr Right is out there. You just need to know how to manifest him.

Ask me how, now!

4: Learn What Men Want

Confession time! How many times have you been left hurt, dazed and confused by the actions of a boy? Is he keen on you one minute and then… *radio silence*? Well I know from experience how frustrating that is. (and it’s more boring than watching your fake tan dry!) But all hope is not lost.

Contact me today to find out the secrets behind how men think and never again find yourself checking for the 5th time that day that you phone is in fact, working.

5: Dating Do's and Dont's

My Mum always used to say she wished she’d been given a parent manual when I was born. Well I think women should be given a dating manual when they hit puberty! Online dating. Blind dating. He-asked-for-my-number-in-a-bar dating. Fancied-him-for-ages-and-I’m-petrified-of-messing-it-up dating. He’s-a-work-colleague dating. There are so many ways to date these days and there are strategies for success to go along with all of them. And I know them.

Get in touch now and I’ll share them with you so that you can enjoyably date your way to true love.